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Sheet Metal Gutters

Sheet Metal Gutters Roofs protect the home from rain and snow but not all moisture is vertically distributed. When the weather gets rough and the rain and sleet begin to drive sideways at the home a roof becomes a marginal protection and water damage may be the result. As well, roofing directs a disproportionate amount of water over the sides and into a concentrated area which could ultimately ruin stucco, siding and landscape. This is where gutters, soffits and fascia come in.

Soffits Fill the Gap

Sheet Metal Gutters


Although vinyl has made inroads in the past 20 years aluminum and steel are the two most commonly installed gutter materials. The pros of aluminum gutters are that they' are inexpensive and will never rust. Steel gutters are stronger and resist denting from ladders and tree damage and will hold their shape. However, water sitting in a steel gutter will have a high probability of causing rust and perforation.


Fascia is the “facing” and can be made as wide as the rafter tail. They are installed under the drip edge of the roof so that water runs over into the gutter. Like the soffits they can be made from vinyl but most homes use aluminum because they can be bent on site to the exact dimensions.

Fascia board is a roof trim commonly used at the end of rafters. It will create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside of the home. Fascia will in addition to protecting the rafter tails give the home a smooth, even appearance on the edge of the roof. The fascia can act as a point of attachment for the gutters of the house, along with the drain pipes. Not all styles of home design feature this trim, but many do.


Gutters are usually formed onsite for a seamless, leak-proof job. Mr Gutter has machines which forms the gutters from a rolled aluminum (.027' thicknesses) that is formed into several profiles and sizes, the most common of which are the “K” and “U” shapes. The channel for the water removal is usually made to 5 inches and the downspouts are 2’x3’ rectangular or 3’ round. You can go larger, especially if there are a lot of trees where the leaves can easily cause clogs. The mounting of gutters is against the fascia and this edge is tucked under the drip edge of the roof so that the leading edge of the shingle will direct the water into the channeling. Mr Gutter will hang the gutters giving slope of 1/4 inch for each 10 feet toward a downspout. Without this slight incline the water will sit in the parts of gutter that are slightly lower than the lip of the downspout. In wintry areas this can freeze and compromise the seals or even pry the gutters from the rafter tail making them loose and prone to being blown off by a high wind. As well, standing water breeds mosquitoes and black flies.

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